Friday, January 4, 2013

Best of 2012

2012 was a great year I had  lots of great and new experiences and new challenges

In January I decided to become a volunteer of an organization that helps poor communities by making houses for the most need it  family's ,my first experience with them was an activity celebrating ''the three wise men'' giving the kids presents and playing with them , this was a really important experience for me to start the year, seen  myself the reality of my country, plus I got to meet young people that fight for a better future.

I was interviewed together with the director of the ONG Techo in a TV show to talk about my experience documenting the life all people from maoguayabo 

Then later in January I did a road trip with two of my friends Bruno and Gabriela we visited Loma de Cabrera , Río San Juan,La Entrada, · Laguna Azul and others places.

  I did the campaign  for Cristian Lagares spring collection

    I was invited to cover RDFW in santiango city

 My photos got published in the press

  For Spring Break I did another road trip around all north coast  this time in company of Bruno and Giorgio

In April the most special thing happened to me this year I decided to give love a try  

    I did partnership with the fashion blog style mode on

 For the first time in my live I build  a house together with other volunteers from Techo , this was an experience I would never forget.

For the first time I went to the well known carnival in the island ''El canaval Vegano''

  I was asked by AFS to help putting together an exposition for the 50 years anniversary .

 I swam with dolphins and sea lions and even kissed one of them! an amazing feeling to be there with them I'm not gonna lie I was a little scared ,cause I'm not an animal lover.

    I meet lots of lovely and cool people
I went to Dominicana Moda ''DM12'' and saw amazing fashion shows.


   I competed  in a photography rally too bad I did not won but it's was a really cool experience.

   me & my bf spend our first vacations together in Las Terrenas.

   I became closer with some of my friends
 I started a 365 days project

 The last days of the year I spend  it with my family

I'm really exited for this new year, my goals and resolutions  are about two pages long  I can't wait to see what the new year brings .

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Under the influence

me ,we all are under the  influence .
The influence by other people , what other people do influence us, our  parents our  friends our sisters, brothers our special ones,  but the ones that influence us the most are the people we  follow the people we admire that  person that for you is the best anybody can be or just the way you wanna be , Most of us let us drive by that influence and forgot to be our self's, we forgot   to be pure and genuine to be  something different than them .

 We sometimes  are so much under the influence by those people that we  become a copy of what their doing. 
For me the people I admire the most are sofia coppola I love her movies and her aesthetics  of work and I love sally mann photographs how she make a simple portrait into charm  photography and them  I admire Alice Paul for the fight she did years ago for the female gender and then there it's the   influence i have  from the bloggers who expose their life onto the web leading me to do the same thing with mine.

 So at the end of the day we  all get caught under the "influence" and that's when the trends are born: people start to copy what one person it's doing and then everybody start  doing so, I'm not saying don't let be inspire by what other people  are doing but to be yourself under all this influences we  have each day  i encourage to take a little something from  everybody that deserve to be admired and respect and to  take the good stuff from those people study those things practice those tings  and them later apply it  to you  and  become a better person not just another copy .

 Become yourself a person that can be admire by others a person that has there on ideas there on styles their on toughs of what beautiful and what's not .I encourage to not fallow the crowd  to be one in a million not on from the million just be you  be  unique  have your on decisions base on what you liked not on what other people think it's ''cool'' cause at the end of the day the things you consider are great are the ones that are going to make YOU happy don't be a follower  of others be a follower of your dreams of your desires of the things that makes you happy and them maybe just maybe life will be better.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dominicana Moda Last Day

Awesome Drink by Perrier

My shoes on the pink carpet!

My photo booth Pictures 

Moises Quesada

 Fashion Week its over here in DR I'm glad that i had the opportunity  to see most of the shows by the best designer here in Island 
This were the last shows i got to see , Jacqueline Then and Moises Quesada  i enjoy both of them specially the night gowns .
I met a lost of cool people during that week  cant wait for next year! 

Till nex post!