Monday, October 31, 2011

Letter to a friend

The last thing you want to do as a person is to make others feel sorry for you , if you want, people to love you , u need to love your self first , trying to  find affection  from others while  you feel like you not worth a a thing it's not going to work  , right now , maybe you feel like you are in a deep black hole and trust me i know that feeling , like your waitng for somebody to come and save you ,I'im sorry to tell you but that probably not gonna happen ... why? 

Well i easy if people know that u are trying to be a victim in any circumstance  they just gonna go away from you  cause nobody in the world likes to be with someone who just don give shit  about themselves.

People need to learn how to love themselves first. I  guaranty you that the love you are giving to others 
its' gonna returt you just like a dog comes back to their owner .

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