Thursday, December 8, 2011

November Snapshots

November is  long gone now, i can say that it was a month full of challenges for me, since i was a part of a Europe Union Model that had place in my college , it's a hard thing to 
do but it's all worth it since you really learn a lot and you can see  what's really going in on in the world ,and give a  little help  with your opinion ,apart from the model i was really busy finishing school projects such as the font I 
created , talking about  clases and college i have to say that this was one of the most difficult periods of my 
year in college ,first because of the crazy schedule i had ;been in campus for 12 hours strait it's not cool  trust me ! and them having choose seven subjects , don'ts fit my life style, that end it up me having bad grades in three of them, most of them  need too many hours that i did not have ... so let's go back to the cool stuff , i enjoy this month a lot cause i become closer with my group of friends from college , I'm really happy that i meet them all they all ment something special to me , and make feel happy everyday .

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