Sunday, March 4, 2012

Carnaval vegano

Last weekend i visited La Vega to be apart of the famous Carnival , my first
impression was the amount of people gather there, all the streets of
the city were closed by this big event , them the diablos cojuelos ,
they have the most scary Masks ever! and there were so elaborated ... my
third impression? how this Diablos where truly diablos!t hey  hit the
people with the so called ''Vejigas'', OMG! i was never hit so dam hard
by someone! this thing hurt and a lot! every time I saw one of the
diablos coming close to me I'll runaway ! But the Sneaky diablos came
from behind and BOOM! the hit me in the ass ! Next thing I found myself
immerse inside hounders of people.. We walked the hole thing i think it
was 3 km ...  by the end of the evening we were tired of getting hit by
those diablos, so my cousin asked the police to escort
us the way out , but we still got hit! they really don't care!  We were
really tired and my cousin got robed he didn't even feel anything,
hours later we were in a concert by differents artists, the stadium was
pack! that was the part we enjoy the most singing and dancing to the
music , after that we left to Santo Domingo but someone from the group
was missing! we begin looking for him and he never show up , so he ended
up leaving in another bus ...
our drinks

The night before the carnival we had a little party at home.
on the way to La vega

Traditional stop in Mc

Girls eating
Boys eating

Mario and Ada
Federick with his cup 
Jhon was a DJ for a day

Mario the tour guy

Public bathroom
everybody from the tour
Diablo cojuelo
mad diablo cojuelo

Ps: Photos by Bruno Trebbi(cousin) his stole my camara for the day!
Edited by me

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