Tuesday, March 20, 2012

''I Love you''

Everyday I see how young people use the expression'' I love you!'' and I get surprise by the use they're  starting to give it  these days , they used it like a thank you not as the real meaning of the expression ; I love you, means that you love a person very much!

it does not mean I like you or thank you ,or your awesome, it means Love ! and I'm not against to it , I'm not against people love each other more, but I would like to people really understand the meaning of these huge feeling that  love is , I find hypocrite when someone I just met says I love you to me ... cause it not really true! , it just a way to make people think that you like then , or just to used a person.
There was a time when I friend of mines used the expression I love you can i borrow you're homework?
REALLY! I'm not even kidding the girl ask him to borrow his homework saying'' I LOVE YOU'' to him this is the most hypocritical thing ever, using people with this word , just to ask for favors...
I even find myself saying'' I love you'' to people I really care but not loved to just justify something wrong i did before.
I just saying Let's try to give the expression the real meaning behind it , but to keep loving each other in a real way not just to take advantage of the other.

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