Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Las Terrenas

View from the boulevard 
On the road 
Salad :D


Trip to las terrenas july  20-22 


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    1. It is a wonderful holiday.
      Where is your country?
      In Japan, this summer is a great heat wave.
      Every day, many people have been transported in emergency heat injury.
      26 Japan time, was a victim of 700.
      In your country or event like this does not occur?

    2. Thanks for the comment!
      This is Dominican Republic an island in the Caribbean
      here we do have heat waves ,but people it's more adapted to it ,cause we have summer all year long...
      our summer temperature goes from 30 to 40 Celsius maximum , it's really hot but we don't have that many people injury or dying by that; we can have a couple cases but not that many as in japan .