Friday, July 13, 2012

Punta Cana Part II

Hi guys!
This is the rest of the photos from my trip to punt cana a couple a weeks ago , next weekend i will probably be in Samana last time i was there was in April remember? 

talking about summer and that kind of stuff, my summer have been really nice full of ice cream ,concerts and beaches just how i always picture it :)  

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ps:I found out one of my photos was publish in messenger mag how cool is that?

I love ribs !

Palms Trees 
This was hard to do ,even if don't look like it 

i was so tired when i finished this that i felt my heart was going to explode at any moment !

On the road crossing a river

To much sweetness 

Missing my boy during those days

the hotel map

I will love this delicious fish forever 

Healthy breakfast

my usual cup of coffee 

red flowers

The pool area

sunlight coming thru rue the palms trees 

Dolphin Island



  1. So cool photos, love it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  2. great photos !