Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can i ask you a favor?

Favors, If your read my blog since the beginning you probably notice that i like to writing ,my thoughts here ,sometimes ; if i write something here it's because It's been in my head for a least a week or so ,lets go to the point ,shall we?

A couple a months ago I was asked a favor  from a guy I just met once , the guy used nice and pretty words to describe his concern so I accepted to make  him  a favor ,I usually say yes to my friends very quick if they asked me something that’s in my hands and its not against my values ,but this person was not  attached to me in any way , i had just had a couple of conversations with him, so let’s say i was a good samaritan on this case , everything  was coordinated we made an agreement on what i had to do, and what he was going to do ; everything was perfectly planned, there were no strings unlaced , the day has arrived and i send him a message saying - hey today its the day , ( me remembering him the date to his favor , i think i'm too much of a good person sometimes) he answers me saying that he can't do it today -  let’s do it tomorrow really early he said , and i answered - ok i will be there at 9am he said yes , so later he says - can you be there at 6am? ( shocking face at this moment ) it he serious?

it’s 1am right now and tomorrow it’s a busy day for me does he think I had nothing else to do! that just making his favor! (Sleep is a very very important thing to me if i don't sleep at least  8hrs my day it’s probably be a disaster i can't think right ,i’ll have  a bad  mood, my eyes  will hurts i'm not kidding  ! I only sleep a few hours if i know i'm going to sleep on the afternoon so i totally say no , i was risking  my day for just a random guy a meet  ! hell no! i said - i'm sorry i can’t be there at that hour then he tried to explain that he could not do it in other occasion bla bla bla ,-  i'm sorry ,i said again ,this it exploding a person ,that it’s saying yes to a favor, asked by a random guy ,his just thinking about himself here!

its not my problem that you do not organized your time ,so no; i'm not going to let anyone abuse my good intentions i'm just writing this thing here cause its crazy how some people think that the world its turning around then and that people and the other persons should do what they expect them to  do and  when they want it  , i'm usually a person who likes helping other but not when i'm feeling that its an abuse that they are doing to me .I usually like helping other cause someday i know i'm going to need them  , because  that was friends are for ,to give you a hand when you need them but it has happened to me to ,that i consider someone my friend; and them just say no, to a simple favor, thing that get’s me very sad cause some people don’t understand ,that’s  how loves grows when you feel that someone needs you...

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