Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dominicana Moda Day 1

Hi Guys!
Last Monday was the opening from Dominica Moda 
I had the opportunity to see the inauguration show from  Leonel  Lirio
one of the most recognize Celebrity Designer here ,his inspirations came from the  Debutantes from his natal City Santiago De Los Caballeros ,the collection consist in beautiful and extravagant white dresses perfect for red carpet and wedding I must say , them the second was the on from Angel Sanchez the international  designer, it  was a collection full of geometric shapes yellows ,blues and white, all beautifully combine .

The events I  attended that night was the a whiskey tasting  by Johnny Walker the  Black Label and there new product The double black, I would't never imagine that the Black Label is a mixed of 40 different  whiskeys from Escocia, crazy! 
Them i attend the Marlboro after party were i had one delicious Cosmo with  other bloggers :) 

Till next Post!


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  2. Me gusto mucho la primera que subiste a blanco y negro, realmente no me esperaba eso y fue la primer foto del desfile.