Monday, October 15, 2012

Lost Memories

I stumbled upon this film searching for videos about Paris,France , i was looking videos  for  featuring in a blog about travel that i doing right now for my Web design class , when i stared to look at the video i knew where it was going  , this is a film   about the era that we are leaving right now , the era of the internet , we need everybody on the World Wide Web, to know what we are doing and sometimes forget about who's next to each other .

something similar happen to me, just like the girl in the film , he was tweeting  posting photos, chatting or whatever, when he was  suppose to be paying attention to me but  he's paying attention to the Networks  and that's when the problems begin you don't notice but  that maybe you're hurting someone else by left them in a second plane .

You just probably think that it's just fine, to be on your phone when the other person wants to have a nice moment with you maybe something to remember and you're just ruining both of you memories by posting them online.

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